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Product Development Technology Corporation personnel listen to client problems and devise innovative solutions. Solutions to problems were found for US Government Agencies, technical companies, and industrial giants including Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

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Our projects span a wide range of problems including a bearing that is shown in the photograph. This bearing had difficult requirements to meet: must spin in a hard vacuum at 1050 revolutions per minute, with a pair supporting a 35 pound rotor composed of an array of sensors, spin in any attitude, produce no noise, and be maintenance free. The bearing shown meets the requirements utilizing dynamic pumping for lift and no seals.

Another project required a dual data processing and control printed circuit board with very low noise including digital and analog circuits on the same board. The solution is shown in the photograph which is a 12 layer partitioned PCB formed in a covered cake pan design. Extremely low noise was attained.

As a final representative project, the US government called for help in solving a long standing and bitter battle between two companies each working a government contract that interfaced with the same piece of equipment. The contract requirements were different and could not be reconciled.  The solution was to innovate a new circuit that was included in one company's hardware thus solving the problem.


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